Henry Yoso reveals the reasons Brigadier Hendra and Kombes Agus are no exception


Attorney General Hendra Kurniawan and Kombes Agus Nurpatria, namely: Henry Yoso disclose the reasons why two of your clients did not file an objection or a memorandum of objection. Henry Yoso said the prosecution complied with formal and material requirements.

“Honestly, and we have to be honest, we admit that the prosecutor’s prosecution met the formal and material requirements of an indictment,” he said. Henry Yoso told reporters at the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday (10/19/2022).

“So, in order to respect the principle of quick and simple justice, we believe that it is not necessary to present an exception,” he added.


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Henry Yoso explained that the exception was actually an objection in the indictment. However, he did not find that his client was accused of a criminal act.

“Well, I just said one thing, that if we look at the series of actions described by the prosecutor, there is absolutely no single act that is a criminal act,” Henry explained.

Henry Yoso He also assessed that his two clients had not committed any criminal acts. This, he said, is also reflected in the indictment.

“Other acts, yes, there are no actions of the defendant, but actions of other people that have nothing to do with the defendant,” Henry said.

Previously, Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan and Kombes Agus Nurpatria Adi Purnama were accused of obstructing the investigation into the murder of Brigadier Joshua.

Hendra Kurniawan and Agus Nurpatria were charged with Article 49 in conjunction with Article 33 and Article 48 in conjunction with Article 32 paragraph (1) of Law No. 19 of 2016 relating to the amendments to law no. 11 of 2008 on electronic information and transactions (UU ITE) in conjunction with article 55 paragraph 1 of the criminal code and article 233 of the criminal code and article 221 paragraph 1 of the second in conjunction with article 55 paragraph 1 of the criminal code.

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