Henk Krol continues on his own: ‘So many people support me’

Less than half a year after Henk Krol left 50PLUS to set up his own party, he announced today that he will also leave the Party for the Future.

After Krol left 50PLUS, he founded the Party for the Future, together with MP Femke Merel van Kooten Arissen. Former Forum for Democracy board member Henk Otten joined this. But soon a big fight broke out. The quarrel got so heated that Krol has now chosen eggs for his money. Earlier, Van Kooten Arissen already left the party.

Frame Henk Krol

Krol indicates that he experiences so much support from his loyal followers that he keeps trying to return to the Chamber after the elections. He founds a new party with the working title LHK (List Henk Krol). “I don’t have to do it all, but I’ll go for it again,” he says.

Political reporter Frits Wester about this: “The track record of Krol in recent months with a bump in his parties is not something to write home about. But I would not be surprised if he takes one seat again, if only because of his cuddly factor. “

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