Henan Athletes Break Records and Win Gold in Track Cycling Championships

</p> <p>Henan athletes break two records and win three gold medals in Track Cycling Championships- Xinhuanet Henan Channel

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Bicycle Track and Field Sports Center that the 2023 National Track Cycling Championship and National Youth Track Cycling Championship of “Charm Hangzhou” will end in Chun’an, Zhejiang on June 6. Henan players performed well and won 3 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. At the same time, they broke the national record twice. Once again, they demonstrated the strong strength of the track cycling project in Henan Province with excellent results.

It is understood that in order to test the recent training effect of the Chinese track cycling team and simulate the actual combat of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the national team will also form a team to participate in the key items of Chinese track cycling in this competition. The adult women’s team sprint competition is one of them. The national team members, Bao Shanju and Guo Yufang from the Henan Badirui Blueprint team joined hands in this event. The Olympic champion Bao Shanju teamed up with the teenagers Yuan Liying and Zhuang Wei. The time was 47 seconds 317 Afterwards, the national team adjusted the lineup, Guo Yufang served as the first bat, and Bao Shanju and Yuan Liying still served as the second and third bats respectively. The three broke the national record with a time of 46.235 seconds in the first round and broke into the gold medal competition. In the gold medal match, the three girls made another great achievement, breaking the national record with a time of 46.044 seconds and winning the championship. This national record is only 0.077 seconds away from the world record of 45.967 held by the veteran German team. Gao Yahui, the Chinese head coach of the short group of the National Track Cycling Team, also from Henan, said: “The results of the women’s short group are as expected, and the performance of the players is very good, but there are still some details that have not been done well, and there is still room for improvement. “In the adult women’s 250-meter individual time trial, Guo Yufang and Bao Shanju won the championship and runner-up; Bao Shanju also won the bronze medal in the adult women’s 750-meter individual time trial.

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In the adult men’s 4km team pursuit, Yang Yang, a member of the Henan Badirui Blueprint Team wearing the national team jersey, won the gold medal together with his teammates, and the Henan Badirui Blueprint Team won the silver medal in this event. In addition, Yang Yang partnered with Henan local teammate Yang Yiming and won the silver medal in the adult men’s Madison race; Zhou Menghan won the runner-up in the senior women’s 3km individual pursuit and partnered with Imandana to win the bronze medal in the senior women’s Madison race.

In the competition of youth events, the Henan track cyclist also performed well, winning silver medals in the youth men’s team sprint race and the youth men’s sprint race; the bronze medals in the youth men’s 1km individual time trial and the youth women’s 250-meter individual time trial. (Reporter Chen Kai)


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