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Virginia’s state moratorium on evictions expires Thursday night, December 31. The federal ban on evictions remains in effect until January 31, 2021, but it is important that residents seek help as soon as possible if needed.

He Income and Mortgage Relief Program in Virginia has offered assistance for payments due since April 1, 2020, depending on the state.

The program seeks to help the thousands of residents who have been unable to pay their bills due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

To be eligible, applicants must have: a valid mortgage or rental contract, have experienced a loss in their wages during the pandemic, rent or mortgage payments at or less than 150% of the Fair Market Rent or Fair Market Rent, and a monthly income at or less than 80% of the median income for your area.

Read more about your rights as a tenant here. (In English)

Once people apply for assistance, the state has 45 leaves to respond to the application before the landlord can initiate eviction proceedings. If you apply a second time, they will receive a response in 14 days.

Any financial assistance will be a one-time payment, but residents have the opportunity to apply again.

Landlords must notify tenants when they are behind on their rent.

You can verify if you qualify and start an application on this link or call 211 for more information.



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