Hélène Geoffroy at the head of the Socialist Party? The party organizes its congress in Villeurbanne

Hélène Geoffroy, 51, will present her candidacy to succeed Olivier Faure, the current first secretary of the PS. (© LD / Actu Lyon)

What if the new first secretary of the Socialist Party was a Rhone?

The rose party must designate its leader. Olivier Faure, current first secretary since 2018, sees himself presenting Hélène Geoffroy, mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin (Rhône).

The former Secretary of State for the City under the Hollande presidency will be the local of the stage: the Congress, which will take place on September 18 and 19, will take place in Villeurbanne.

Close to Holland, against a Faure-Hidalgo ticket?

Woman in the field, close to the ideas of François Hollande for example, she will fight against a possible Faure-Hidalgo ticket. Its goal: for the Socialist Party to once again become the central force of the left in France. No way to side with environmentalists, for example?

In any case, for the Rhone mayor, there is no question of linking the future of the party to a presidential candidacy.

If Hélène Geoffroy wins this duel, it will be the second woman to take the reins of the party, after Lille Martine Aubry (2008-2012).

She will therefore present her motion, “Arise the Socialists for renewal!” »Opposite that of Olivier Faure,« From renaissance to alternation ».

Determine a common line

After this essential event for the party, the Socialists will have to, during the Congress, determine a common line, and try to gather the members and remobilize the troops.

Last Thursday, September 9, activists voted in favor of the direction proposed by the outgoing president. A first round won, before the upcoming election?

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