Helena Resano and the drama that her family suffered from COVID-19

The journalist Helena Resano is one of the best-known faces in Spain that has suffered very closely from the coronavirus pandemic. The presenter of La Sexta Noticias went through the program ‘Más Vale Tarde’ to tell her story about the drama that she and her family have experienced due to the pandemic.

Resano revealed that the first person who tested positive in his family was his daughter Emma and that from the beginning they went through a very delicate situation, while lamenting the lack of trackers. “In my case they did a very fast PCR and 24 hours later they confirmed the positive. In Emma’s case it took five days to give us the result and no one contacted us. After confirmation, my husband and my other son undergo another PCR and the results took eight days to arrive (they also tested positive). In this time no tracker has called us, “lamented the presenter, who has been confined with her family since last August 31.

Helena Resano also highlighted the serious situation suffered by her daughter, who showed worrying symptoms of the coronavirus. “There were three very tough days. Emma was very sick, with a very high fever, she could barely move and between my husband and I we had to bathe her. He fell asleep all the time. I have a doctor brother who has been advising us, but there was a moment in which we thought that it was not going to go back “, confessed the journalist.

On Twitter, Resano once again emphasized the need to hire more trackers to control infections. “Our case has not been isolated. There is a lack of trackers, there is a lack of immediacy when it comes to knowing results”, lament.

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