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– All students are in the waiting quarantine for the rest of the week, the reason is that we do not have an overview of the infection situation and that more students are now defined as close contacts, says principal at Steinkjer ungdomsskole Thomas Herstad to NRK.

It was Trønder Avisa who first reported this.

There are 464 students at the school. The school was informed that all students had to be quarantined late last night.

Cohorts at Steinkjer primary school, Steinkjer upper secondary school, adult education in Steinkjer, Guldbergaunet preschool, and Verdal upper secondary school, have also been placed in waiting quarantines as a result of the infection, writes TA.

– One student is registered infected. This student has not been to school after Easter, he adds. We are excited about what the test results will show. If more people are infected, says principal Thomas Herstad to NRK.

Pupils with a need for extra accommodation will be followed up by a social worker and her team, he states.

– We will create an offer at the school for some of the students from Monday, says the principal.

EXCITED ON TEST RESULTS: Principal at Steinkjer Ungdomsskole, Thomas Herstad, says they are excited about test results after several students have been quarantined.

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Press conference at 2 p.m.

Steinkjer municipality held a press conference about the infection situation at 2 pm today, municipal chief physician Sunniva Rognerud informs NRK.

NRK will follow the press conference and keep you updated on the situation.

The municipal chief is busy in meetings about infection management before that time and could not be interviewed when NRK called on Thursday morning.

Mayor Anne Berit Lein tells NRK that the municipality today has close contact with both FHI and the state administrator about what measures they should implement to get control of the infection. The specific measures will probably be presented at the press conference.

Works with infection tracking

In the last two days, the municipality has registered 12 new infected people.

On Thursday morning, the municipality registered two new infections. A woman aged 18-65 years and a boy under 18 years. Two cohorts now go from waiting quarantine to quarantine, Steinkjer municipality states.

On Wednesday, the municipality registered 10 new cases of covid-19. Five of the infected are close contacts of two people were registered infected on Tuesday. Two of the people are between 18 and 65 years old, while the rest were under 18.

Contagion tracking continued, and some who were previously in the waiting quarantine were last night moved to the ordinary quarantine.

– Total is approx. 300 people in one form or another of the quarantine, the municipal chief told NRK on Wednesday night.

The entire Steinkjer ungdomsskole ended up in the waiting quarantine after the municipal chief informed about it.

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