Heidi Klum takes on her ex, singer Seal

It’s not a marriage that made a lot of noise, on the contrary ! Heidi Klum and her companion, Tom Kaulitz, came together in the greatest secrecy. They live their current relationship passionately, far from the media uproar that could very well come to life around them. It must be said that it is an atypical couple who was born in the greatest discretion … On the one hand Heidi Klum, elegant blonde, model, 46 years old and mother of four (Leni (15), Henry (14), Johan (13) and Lou (10)). On the other, the young Tom Kaulitz, with a rather grunge look, 30 years old, guitarist of the group Tokyo Hotel… An unexpected union and an obvious complicity between the two lovebirds, which nourish projects together … of baby perhaps?

“It’s so amazing to have a partner”

Interviewed in the columns of the English media The sun, the beautiful German responded with pleasure to the journalists’ questions, indicating that Tom Kaulitz was simply making her happy. “I met my new husband two years ago. I feel like I have a partner for the first time in my life. If I have concerns or if I try to find a solution to something, he listens to me wonderfully. It’s so amazing to have a partner. I am a much happier person. For the first time, I have a companion with whom I can discuss everything. Someone who shares the duties that we all have in our life. Before, I was alone for everything. “

A page definitely turned

A beautiful declaration of love which obviously suggests that this famous “before“when she felt”alone for everything“, is a barely concealed allusion to his previous relationship with the singer Seal. As a couple for seven years, the two ex made the front page of the magazines at each public appearance as their complicity seemed obvious. So surprising statements from the a model who seems to be living her most beautiful love story today.

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