Heidi Klum Celebrates Birthday and 30th Media Anniversary Amidst Criticism and Success

Heidi Klum not only celebrates her birthday, but also her 30th media anniversary. The blonde did a lot right, but also a lot wrong.

Happy Birthday Heidi Klum. Hardly any other German enjoys such great international fame as she does. However, hardly any German is viewed as critically as the model.

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”

Heidi Klum stands for the format “Germany’s next top model”. The 50-year-old is always walking on thin ice. The ideal of beauty and the image of women conveyed by the show are repeatedly heavily criticized. The magazine “Emma” therefore awarded the presenter the negative price “Pascha of the Month” in 2009. The reason: Klum takes advantage of naive and young girls and trims them in the direction of mail order catalogues. Even today, almost 15 years later, the values ​​she conveys to young models are criticized in particular.

The Heidi Klum brand

But Heidi Klum is much more than GNTM. In the USA it has become a brand. She embodies what Americans like to think of as a German: strict, disciplined, yodeling. She likes to use this cliché and is successful with it.

Heidi Klum: It has now become its own brand. (Quelle: Lionel Hahn/ABACAPRESS.COM |)

She sits next to actress Sofía Vergara on the jury of “America’s Got Talent”, moderated the first 16 seasons of her own show “Project Runway” and is a welcome guest on various talk shows. Heidi Klum knows and loves many abroad. Alongside Claudia Schiffer, she is one of the most successful German models with international success.

Heidi and the men

Heidi the human

In addition to the tough business woman that Klum often gives in public, the famous blonde is also a loving mother. Their four children are called: Helene (Leni) Boshoven, Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu, Lou Sulalo and Johan Riley Fydor Taiwo. Her eldest daughter Leni now also works as a model, most recently posing alongside her mother in lingerie. outrage included.

Besides, Heidi Klum is also a person who, regardless of her age, seems to live as she sees fit. At 50, she likes to dress lightly. After all, she is a model from home and one has to admit without envy that she does not have to hide from younger competitors. She’s partying, she’s always reinventing herself, and she loves a 33-year-old musician simply because she feels like it. And that’s really something to congratulate Heidi Klum for!

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