Heidi Janků has lost her father, brother and husband. She has been suffering from an incurable disease for years

Fate has certainly not been kind to the singer Heidi Jankù, who is celebrating her 60th birthday. She grew up without a mother, her father was an alcoholic and her brother died in a tragic accident. Also, five years ago she lost her fateful man, who has been a great support to her.

Heidi Janků doesn’t have the best memories of her childhood. When she was 11, her mother killed by cancer. It happened in his teenage years, when he needed it the most. She was left alone with her father, who couldn’t handle the situation and was addicted to alcohol. Also, she didn’t get along with him. She had other ideas about her life than hers: she didn’t want her to become a singer, even though he was a musician himself.

At 16, she packed her bags, left the house and stopped seeing him. She only learned of his death too late. He died from drinking too much. They could never talk about what divided them.

What did Heidi Janků reveal on the Jan Krause Show?

A needless death from alcohol

Ten years after my mother’s death, another stroke came. Her brother, who also liked to drink, died tragically. Alcohol has also become fatal for him. “They closed his favorite pub and he stopped the car to go somewhere else. But the driver was drunk. They broke down and the brother took it out on his life,” the 13th Chamber said on the show. of Jank, who has been battling an incurable disease for most of his life. It’s about chronic inflammation of the colon called ulcerative colitis, which often made it difficult for her to walk. They accompany the disease diarrhea and persistent abdominal pain.

She only got out of life’s wounds thanks to her fateful love: the musician Ivo Pavlík (†84), who was 30 years her senior, whom she married in 1992. Suddenly, she had a man by her side on whom she could count to at any time. He was a huge support to her and their marriage belonged to the strongest in the entire Czech show business. However, five years ago, at the age of 84, Ivo died and she was left alone.

As she says, not a day goes by that she doesn’t remember him. “You will probably never get over the departure of a loved one, only the wound will heal with time,” she confided to the editors of the Prima Ženy Janků website. She misses her most at crucial moments in life, when she decides what to do and what not to do. Thanks to her experience and insight, she almost always gave her the right advice.

“I have always consulted him on everything. Not that I don’t have people around me with whom I can consult on anything, but I just miss Ivoš’s opinion on everything we did or didn’t do. In addition to the shared experiences. .. I will never stop missing him”, sighed the eternal singer.

Five years since the unfortunate death of her husband.  Heidi Jankù longs for love.  What kind of man is she looking for?

If a boy, only a younger one

After her husband died, she took a dog for pain relief, which she named Eda. “She filled that empty place in my heart. It was the right decision. Eda is a companion who can make me laugh and who I have to take care of. We take long walks, which suits not only him, but me too. Ivosh and I once even had a dog. A small black and silver schnauzer, Falco, who accompanied us to concerts and on vacation. He has lived with us for fifteen long years and I strongly believe that Eda will have an equally long and interesting life with me,” said Heidi Janků.

Not too long ago, she said she got used to being alone over time, and the idea that she would have to learn to live next to another man kinda scares her. Now she speaks differently: she would not be against a new relationship. “I’m not at the stage where I’m desperately looking for someone, I leave it to fate. We’ll see what happens… If someone finds me and sparks, why not. I just don’t want an older partner. I couldn’t resist a confrontation with Ivoš – and that would be difficult. So, if anything, rather someone younger,” the singer smiled.

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