Heidi Janků after Pavlík’s death: An incredible transformation for hundreds of thousands!

There was almost no stone left in the villa. “I have changed everything. It took me quite a long time, so I decided that when I started the reconstruction, everything in the end must look completely different than it did, “she told Blesk. Heidi Janků.

Renovated house of Heidi Janků

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When designing, she opted for a modern gray color, which she combined with wood. “I like Gray because you can combine anything with it,” she shed light on her intention. The dominant feature of the interior is a huge sofa in bright red. Heidi had a lot of fun with that. “I bought it in the biggest lockdown, when it was not allowed from district to district. I bought it in a store in Pilsen over the Internet and I had no idea if it would fit in here, if it was not too soft or, on the contrary, hard, “ she admitted.

But she is extremely satisfied with the result. Although it suggests that it slightly overwhelmed the originally planned investment of half a million crowns.

Heidi Janků: I might not have an abortion with a younger partner and a working family

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