Heidelberg: woman has to go to hospital after wild boar attack


Wild boar attacks pedestrian – woman has to go to the clinic

Wild boars live in forests. They usually avoid encounters with people.

Photo: Lino Mirgeler / dpa

The wild boar suddenly ran at the 43-year-old and rammed her. The police then searched for the animal without success.

Heidelberg. Painful Encounter: A wild boar attacked a pedestrian in Heidelberg. The bristle animal suddenly ran up to the 43-year-old and rammed her. The animal then piled up, the woman stayed injured in the leg lie.

“An immediate police search for the bristle animal did not lead to success, so that no information could be obtained about its whereabouts,” explained the police after the incident. The pedestrian was taken to a hospital where she was treated.

Encounters with wild boars can be dangerous – sometimes funny

Wild boar and humans usually meet unintentionally. It doesn’t always end badly. Last year, for example, a wild boar from Berlin became famous when it was given to a man at Teufelssee Swim bag stolen. He chased after the animal under the amused looks of the other bathers – stark naked.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, however, a wild boar rioted in a Woolworth branch after it was in front of his own Mirror image startled. The customers of the shop saved themselves on tables standing around, nobody was injured.

But the animal is not always to blame for the tumult. For example, a wild boar swam in the Baltic Sea last summer to cool off. When it was on Schönhagener bathing beach went ashore again, a man hit the animal with a shovel. The wild boar then ran through the crowd in a panic, looking for an exit. (yah / with dpa)

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