Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner calls for an illegal spontaneous demo to violate corona rules

April 15, 2020 – 9:43 pm

Lawyer had to go to the police for a hearing

Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner made headlines with her call to resist the corona rules. With an urgent application to the Federal Constitutional Court, she wanted to override the Corona Regulation on Good Friday – but failed. Today she had to go to a police hearing. A large group of supporters had gathered there – despite the ban on contact. Nobody adhered to the distance rules there. We show in the video which crude theses their supporters represent on the demo.

Supporters celebrate Beate Bahner

The public prosecutor’s office in Heidelberg and the state protection department of the criminal police department in Heidelberg are investigating the lawyer because she is said to have called for unlawful acts on her website. In addition, she apparently wanted to hold a prohibited demonstration against the Corona rules on Easter Saturday.

Such a forbidden meeting came about when the lawyer had to appear at the police. Around 150 people had gathered in front of the building to express their solidarity with Bahner. “My impression is that Ms. Bahner was celebrated here like a pop star. And there were numerous irregularities. People sat very closely together, posed for a photo with her and hugged each other again and again,” says RTL reporter Sarina Sprengelmeyer, who was on site in Heidelberg.

“I’ve had a lot of illnesses, but I don’t believe in the virus,” said one of the protesters in an RTL interview. He had a healthy diet and had not been vaccinated for 26 years. He also stopped taking medication. Since then he has always been healthy and is not afraid of getting sick. Ms. Bahner appears to be primarily attracting conspiracy theorists. In our video, an expert explains why so many conspiracy theories revolve around the corona virus.

Lawyer hugs her supporters after a speech

The lawyer delivered a text to the assembled people calling for them to violate the corona rules. Everyone was in a state of “shock” and, on the other hand, should go outside, meet with their friends and relatives and hug each other tightly. At the end of her lecture, Bahner also hugged one listener after the other. People were crowded around them.

According to the current Corona regulation, this is currently not permitted. Actually, keep your distance from other people and stay at home whenever possible to slow the spread of the coronavirus. “I am really amazed that the police did not intervene and did not resolve the event, after all, administrative offenses were committed permanently,” the reporter later said.

“In coordination with the assembly authority and the legal office of the city of Heidelberg, the police decided against taking measures against the participants for reasons of proportionality,” said a press release from the Heidelberg police. The declaration of solidarity then dissolved again around 3 p.m.

Lawyer claims to have been admitted to psychiatry

Bahner had clashed with the police on the evening of Easter Sunday. Around 8:00 p.m., a witness called 911 because a woman apparently needed help. She allegedly felt persecuted – it is said to have been the lawyer. When the police arrived, the woman resisted the officers.

Bahner claims that she was taken to a psychiatric facility. Rumors are also circulating on the Internet that the lawyer has been forcibly instructed. The police disagreed on RTL’s request. When the police wanted to record their details, a dispute developed that also became physical. The officers took Bahner into custody. In this case, the police had to undergo a medical examination, so the lawyer was brought to Heidelberg University Hospital. But she was not admitted to psychiatry there.

On request from RTL, Heidelberg University Hospital confirmed that Bahner would no longer be treated in hospital. “We are not allowed to provide any further information due to the protection of privacy,” said the clinic. The lawyer herself told her supporters that she was in a psychiatric ward. However, she did not want to answer the RTL reporter’s questions on site.



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