Hedy Lamarr, the inventor of Wi-Fi

history is littered with illustrious women although many of them have not achieved the recognition they should. Fortunately, that is not the case. Hey Lamarrthe actress of classic Hollywood that stood out for more than just his talent in front of the camera and his beauty, and the one we have mentioned today in ‘Know and Win’. And it is that this artist was a great inventor who developed a communications system that we can define as the father of our current wifi. Have you heard of her? We tell you some details of her story.

From a gifted girl to an actress banned by the Vatican

Hedy Lamarr was born as Hedwig Eva Maria Kierler on November 9, 1914 in Vienna. Her father was a banker and her mother a pianist, a talent she also developed as a child. At school she stood out for her intelligence Since it was giftedalthough after beginning his studies in engineering he abandoned them to fulfill his dream of being actress. And he achieved it, although with a more than famous debut.

The first film in which he participated was ‘Ecstasy’by Gustav Machaty, who became quite a scandal since it showed, for the first time, the face of a woman during an orgasm. Movie theaters banned its showing and even the Vatican condemned it.

Forced marriage and escape movie

Hedy’s parents were horrified by their daughter’s film. That’s why when he magnate armament Fritz Mandlmuch older than her, courted her and asked her marriagethey were delighted. But the man was a they pull that kept the actress locked in a golden cage. Extremely jealous, she would not even allow her to take a shower if he was not present. Faced with her constant surveillance, Lamarr resumed her engineering studies, something she combined with her husband’s work meetings to which she had to go. However, she there she was nourished by great knowledge about the latest technology armaments nazi since her husband was one of the main suppliers of arsenal of Hitler and Mussolini.

Hedy Lamarr’s personal situation was untenable and one night, taking advantage of the fact that her husband was away on business, fled through the window of the services of a restaurant. A car was waiting for her to take her to Paris. She managed to embark on USA and on board the ship he signed his first contract with the Golwyn-Mayer Metro. During the 30s, she starred in various films and was on the verge of being Scarlet O’hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’.

secret communications system

With the outbreak of the WWIIHedy Lamarr wanted help al american government taking advantage of the contacts she had in the fascist regime from her time married to Mandl. In addition, she threw herself into developing new military technologiesamong them a system of communications secretalong with composer George Antheil, who modulated signals in spread spectrum.

The bureaucracy caused its implementation to be delayed and the first use it was given was in the crisis of the missiles of Cuba in 1962. Years later she became a civil engineer and with the advent of digital technology, the technique designed by Hedy Lamarr led to the implementation of communication of Wi-Fi datasomething without which today we cannot imagine our day to day.

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