Heboh happy hypoxia, people are asked not many people buy pulse oximeter

ILLUSTRATION. An artist works on a mural dedicated to medical specialists, police and armed forces involved in tackling the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Tuesday (5/5/2020). REUTERS / Pavel Mikheyev

Source: Kompas.com | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Recently, the issue of happy hypoxia symptoms that attack those who suffer from Covid-19 has been widely heard. However, people are asked not to rush to do pulse oxymetry or buy a pulse oximeter (a device for measuring oxygen saturation).

Happy hypoxia is one of the conditions experienced by Covid-19 patients, namely decreased oxygen saturation or levels in the blood. Lung Specialist Erlina Burhan said, one of the diagnoses of happy hypoxia is to conduct an examination in the form of an analysis of blood gases and oxygen pressure in the blood.

One way to check this is to use a pulse oximeter. “At home, the simplest (check blood oxygen saturation) use a pulse oximeter by inserting a finger and the saturation will come out,” said Erlina in a talkshow at BNPB, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

However, Erlina reminded the public not to understand the problem of happy hypoxia that everyone will experience. He said that happy hypoxia only occurs in symptomatic Covid-19 patients. Thus, people do not need to buy a pulse oximeter in droves.

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“Don’t get me wrong, ‘then we’ll buy a pulse oximeter’, like before when people panicked buying masks. I say this, pulse oximetry is not for healthy people and people without symptoms (OTG),” said Erlina.

The symptoms experienced when a Covid-19 patient is exposed to happy hypoxia are symptoms of the disease that get worse, a persistent cough, and are getting weaker.

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Therefore, before this happens, he said, he must immediately seek help. He also ensured that OTG did not feel happy hypoxia but by people with symptoms of Covid-19. Even then, not everyone who gets Covid-19 experiences it.

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