Heboh China Asks Residents to ‘Stack’ Staple Food, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese government urges its citizens to start ‘hoarding’ daily necessities. The notification was officially given by the Ministry of Trade, Monday (1/11/2021) evening local time.

This is done in line with a number of problems that hit the country, ranging from bad weather, energy shortages and social restrictions due to Covid-19 which will disrupt supplies. Local governments (Pemda) are required to ensure this.

This requirement also includes vegetables, oil and poultry for emergency needs. Not only for this winter, China asked residents to stock up on food until spring.

This suddenly created a wave of panic in the Chinese media. A number of netizens speculated about what happened.

“The government didn’t even tell us to stockpile things when the Covid outbreak broke out in early 2020,” wrote one Weibo user in response to the news.

“Perhaps the authorities are reminding people that they may not be able to afford vegetables this winter,” said another.

Meanwhile, the local economic media wrote that the government only reminded each family to prepare for the lockdown. This is due to China’s new wave of Covid-19.

The new Covid-19 cluster emerged on October 17 from a tour group. From its initial discovery until now, Covid-19 has spread in 11 provinces with hundreds of cases, and caused China to implement a strict lockdown in three cities.

China itself has maintained a strict zero-covid-19 policy. This comes as a number of countries around the world are gradually opening up to learning to live with the virus.

However, CCTV said the announcement asking residents to ‘hoard up’ the food was read too much. The media also released an interview with an official from the Ministry of Trade who said the daily supply for residents was sufficient and would be fully guaranteed.

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