News Heavy rainfall alleviates drought concerns in large parts of...

Heavy rainfall alleviates drought concerns in large parts of the country NOW


The heavy rain that has fallen in recent weeks has largely removed the drought concerns in many parts of the country, reports the National Water Distribution Coordination Committee (LCW) Wednesday.

Precipitation in June and July has restored groundwater levels in large parts of the country. For certain areas, the LCW speaks of a “cautious recovery”.

“The stocks range from very low to above average for the time of year,” the committee writes. There are mainly concerns for the eastern and southern Netherlands, where groundwater levels remain low.

The precipitation deficit is still 183 millimeters, but is currently stable. The LCW does expect the shortage to increase again after the weekend.

The call to be economical with drinking water remains valid

At the end of May, the LCW scaled up to “impending water shortage”, but this is no longer the case and has therefore been scaled back down to “normal water management”.

Measures taken, such as water retention and regional watering bans, will remain in effect. Drinking water companies also continue to call for water conservation, even if there is currently sufficient drinking water.

After the weekend, the precipitation shortage increases again

The LCW expects that an “elongated precipitation area” will pass over the Netherlands from Wednesday to Friday. A total of 30 to 40 millimeters of precipitation can fall from this.

During the weekend it becomes dry and from that moment on the precipitation shortage will probably increase again.


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