Heavy fire in tree nursery in Nederename is miles away … (Oudenaarde)

Oudenaarde –

The fire brigade was out on Sunday afternoon for a heavy fire in a tree nursery in Nederename, near Oudenaarde, in East Flanders. A gigantic plume of smoke can be seen for miles.

In the Pelikaanstraat in Nederename, near Oudenaarde, a fire broke out in tree nursery De Bock. The fire brigade has confirmed this.

An old farm and a caravan have already gone up in flames. Two wagons also remained in the flames. Local residents have already heard several heavy bangs, possibly caused by gas cylinders that have exploded.

Police and fire brigade say they do not yet know what the cause is.

The nursery also sells to private individuals, but the store is closed on Sunday.

Various fire brigades from the region have been asked to reinforce.

Due to the beautiful weather, many cyclists and walkers are on the road. Police demand that they leave the area because the smoke may be toxic. For the same reason, local residents are asked to close windows and doors.

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