Heavy Downpours and Winds Head for New York – NBC New York (47)

What you should know

  • The tri-state area will get a taste of spring this Tuesday.
  • Spotty showers and thunderstorms develop later in the day, but the threat of severe weather is well west of the New York area.
  • Strong local downpours and winds are still possible for much of New York City, according to The Authority in El Tiempo.

NEW YORK – We hope you really enjoyed the sensational weather conditions over the 4th of July holiday weekend, because the picture could change very soon with heavy rains and winds on the horizon.

Tuesday started out sunny, but cloud cover is expected to blanket the New York City area by early afternoon as the potential for showers and thunderstorms increases.

Storms are expected to continue intermittently in the tri-state area through Tuesday night. The threat of severe weather is well to the west of the region, but parts of inland New Jersey could see severe storms later in the afternoon and evening.

However, local heavy downpours and gusty winds are possible across a wide swath of the three states.

The cloudiness persists on Wednesday, although the rain will have receded except for a few passing showers. Expect temperatures above 90 degrees.

The weather cools back down to the 80s on Wednesday and should stay there for the first part of next week, although Friday could bring some showers. It seems to be a perfect weekend though, so keep your grill tools close by.

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