Heaven’s First Food – Whale Liver and Bird Meat: Divine Delicacies Revealed

Heaven’s First Food – Whale Liver and Bird Meat: Divine Delicacies Revealed

Jakarta – One of the pleasures promised to the inhabitants of heaven is food. There is one food that is served first to the inhabitants of heaven, although it is still a secret of Allah SWT why this food is served before other foods.

About the existence of food served to the inhabitants of heaven is explained in surah Al Mursalat verses 41-44. Allah SWT said,

Indeed, the righteous are in shadows and eyes.
And fruits of whatever they desire
Eat and drink comfortably, as you used to do.
So do I. We recompense benefactors

Meaning: Indeed, those who are pious are in the shade (shady trees of heaven) and (are around) springs of water and fruits that they like. (It was said to them,) “Eat and drink with pleasure because of what you always do.” Indeed, this is how We reward those who do good.

Even though the inhabitants of heaven continue to eat and drink, Rasulullah SAW once emphasized in his hadith that their condition remains pure. Because, some of the dregs of the food become sweat as fragrant as musk and the rest becomes fragrant belch.

The information is sourced from the Sahih Muslim book from Jabir RA. The Prophet SAW said,

The people of Paradise will eat and drink, but they will not urinate, nor will they defecate, nor will they urinate. Just as you inspire the soul

Meaning: The inhabitants of heaven eat and drink, do not expel snot from their noses, do not defecate, and do not urinate. Their food becomes a musk-scented belch. They are always inspired to sing tasbih and takbir just as you are inspired to breathe.

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Heaven’s First Food

According to a number of hadith statements mentioned by Rasulullah SAW, the first food served to the inhabitants of heaven is whale liver. One of them was mentioned by Abdullah bin Salam RA who asked Rasulullah SAW a question at the beginning of his arrival in Medina.

He asked, “What is the first food eaten by the inhabitants of heaven?”

The Prophet SAW replied, “The hump of a whale’s heart.” (Bukhari)

Other narrations also mention similar things such as those sourced from Tsauban RA. He said, there was a Jew who asked the Prophet SAW, “What was served to them when they entered heaven?”

The Prophet replied, “The liver of a whale,”

The person asked again, “Then what did they eat after that?”

The Messenger of Allah replied, “They are slaughtered by the bulls of heaven and eaten from the ends,”

The person asked again, “Then what do they drink?”

The Prophet answered, “From a spring called salsabil.” (HR Muslim)

Another hadith also describes the deliciousness of whale liver which was consumed for the first time by the inhabitants of heaven. The following hadith reads, “The first dish for them was the liver of the most delicious fish. Then a cow was slaughtered for them whose daily food was the grass of heaven.” (HR Muslim)

Even though the first food in heaven has been described in the hadith, humans still cannot describe its deliciousness. The food is served on plates that cannot be described as beautiful.

In addition to being given a treat of whale liver, other food served to the inhabitants of heaven is bird meat. This is as mentioned in surah Al Waqiah verse 21,

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And the flesh of whatever birds they desire

Meaning: and the meat of the birds they love.

Ibn Abbas once interpreted the verse above to mean that bird meat is among the things that are liked and desired. In other words, if a resident of heaven wants bird meat, at that moment a flying bird will fall in front of him and become ready-to-eat food.

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