Heating and hot water will begin to be provided in a new way – what awaits Ukrainians

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a new form of a standard individual contract for the supply of heat energy, hot water and maintenance of heating networks. All residents of apartment buildings must switch to such agreements.

Residents of Ukraine in the near future will have to switch to new contracts for the supply of heat energy, hot water and maintenance of heating networks. It is worth noting that in the absence of a concluded agreement, the service provider will publish such an agreement on its official website and it will automatically be considered that all consumers have received a notification.

What is indicated in the new agreement:

  • Replacement, repair and maintenance of meters (brownies, including) will be carried out at the expense of consumers.
  • The amount of charges for heating will change. It now includes the amount for the heat received, a subscription fee, and a fee for maintenance of in-house networks.
  • The heating tariff includes payments for the production, transportation and supply of heat energy.
  • The new agreement already stipulates the possibility of changing tariffs.
  • The bill must be paid no later than the last day of the month that follows the current one.
  • At the request of the consumer, advance payments can be made.
  • If the consumer does not indicate the terms for which he makes payment, the supplier has the right to credit this amount against the old debt.
  • The consumer has the right to receive information about the tariff free of charge, to apply for recalculation if the service was not provided or was of poor quality.
  • The supplier is released from liability if he proves that the service was of the required quality at the junction of building systems and engineering systems. If it is possible to prove the supplier’s guilt, then the penalty is 0.01% of the average daily rate (the rate will be taken for the last season, not the current one).
  • The consumer is obliged to pay for the service in a timely manner and let the inspectors into the house at the first request.
  • If the consumer’s apartment is disconnected from heating, he will still be forced to pay bills and cover the cost of heating common areas.
  • The provider has the right to restrict or completely terminate the provision of the service in case of non-payment or incomplete payment.
  • The penalty for late payment for heating is 0.01% of the average daily cost of services for each day of delay.



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