Heather with mask: “We go back to where we were, they promised”


July 15, 2020

Heather Paris, novel Cassandra. After long praising the emergency management of the Coronavirus in that of Hong Kong, a country where he has lived for years and where they managed to manage the situation without lockdown and restrictive measures as in Italy, today, which has returned to the city new wave of infections and they were forced to reuse the masks, the showgirl comment on Instagram:

Back to the future !!! Get ready, we go back to where we were. 😷 After all they had “promised” it! Happy day for everyone ❤

Coronavirus is unfortunately not a finished and archived nightmare. And citizens’ behavior can make a difference. In Italy, with the arrival of summer and the (understandable) desire to return to live and have fun, there is a perhaps too sudden return to normality, made up of dinners, parties, aperitifs on the beach and inevitable gatherings. But what happened in Hong Kong should make us think. IS HeatherCassandra, is warning us …

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