Heartwarming Video of Dog Receiving First Walking Prostheses Goes Viral

Heartwarming Video of Dog Receiving First Walking Prostheses Goes Viral

Through a viral video on social networks, the exact moment in which a dog received her first walking prostheses from her owner was known, since she does not have her front legs, a fact that was moving and generated tenderness among the Internet users.

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In the video you can see when the dog, whose name and age are unknown, approaches as best she can to greet her owner, who in her hands can be seen wearing a pair of pink prostheses.

When we show her the prostheses, the dog looks confused; However, her owner accommodates her so she can put her prosthesis on for the first time, as shown in the video that already has more than six million views on Twitter.

The dog, having the prostheses on, stays still for a moment, but the moments after her owner walks away, she begins to walk with them, showing a rapid adaptation, so she begins to walk throughout the neighborhood.

While the dog walks with her new prostheses, her owner and other family members can be heard applauding her and celebrating that she can now walk normally again.

The moving video soon went viral on networks such as Instagram, TikTok and X, formerly Twitter. Where in the first two it also has millions of reproductions.

With comments like “Dogs are the best”, “I’m not crying. I just had a prosthesis go into my eye” and “That puppy’s happiness is priceless. Just like the heart of the person who made those little legs so that she could walk,” users on networks showed their liking for the video.

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