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from Alessandro Fulloni and Paola Pollo

Pantelleria in flames, the Civil Safety: fireplace begun in a scientific way. Myrta Merlino and Tardelli: “A tragedy”

It all transpires in a couple of minutes, about 10 at the most. TO Pantelleria at the starting it is a thick black smoke. But then the hearth operates, gallops, devastates. And hell breaks out on the island. It is shut to dusk when on the horizon the flames stand out and the sky turns grey. At the very least two fires – just about absolutely arson – split out in Kamma and Gadir, two of the most stunning internet sites. The entrance of the hearth initially appears unstoppable. And those who reside in these components – there are many effectively-known faces: Giorgio Armanithe journalist Mirta Merlino and his companion Marco Tardellithen the writer Francesca Barra – concerning dammusi and stylish villas, he ought to escape.

The purchase

It is all over 10.10 am when the designer sees the flames from his dwelling in Gadir. He are unable to sit up. Just a few seconds. Then he will get up. He goes in and out. He asks. His collaborators go up and down. Time 5 minutes and the get comes. Peremptory. “Mr. Armani we have to go.” All in the vans, in two minutes. The stylist is the calmest. But he turns back: «40 yrs of my lifestyle, it is not truthful. For me and for Pantelleria. Obtaining to escape like this, at night time. Who will ever feel safer ». Just a instant to just take a couple of items and escape. Evacuation. At the port, towards the boat to uncover shelter. But on the way, the designer desires to make guaranteed that all of his friends have gone out. The van proceeds, there is silence and anxiousness. Choose the extensive trip. Not to Pantelleria passing by Cala Cinque Tooth, but in direction of Scauri: 40 kilometers instead of 10, for the reason that the hearth is having those people ten.

The considered to the neighbors pals: «Have you warned Myrta and Marco?». In this article, Merlin and Tardelli: they as well are on the run. To the Courier
the presenter of «The air that pulls “ speaks of “tragedy”. And as she runs off in the auto, virtually reside and chased by the flames, she claims “the hearth spreads, there is too a great deal wind … We are desperate and helpless. We observed the flames eat the hill ahead of our eyes ».

The suspectedterrible, it is that all this is “malicious. Currently is the best working day, lethal warmth and wind, the two variables that make fires unstoppable. And in the darkish, you know, the Canadair are unable to function ».

On the rafts

Some residences have burned down. Dozens of people today evacuated. Who can get on rafts to get away promptly. Though the head of the Sicilian civil defense Salvatore Cocina speaks of “hearth set in a scientific way”, firefighters and volunteers do their utmost.

As in a gigantic amphibious procedure, firefighting groups embark from Trapani for the reason that achieving the island at night by plane, with flames, is genuinely prohibitive. At about 10.30 pm the mayor Vincenzo Campo claims that the scenario “is practically underneath regulate”. This morning the confirmation to Ansa. «After the wonderful worry of past night and a night time used at work in Pantelleria we are relocating in the direction of normality – claims the mayor -. Two Canadair are now operating to extinguish the very last outbreaks in an space soon after it is tough to run from the ground. The wind has dropped and so have the flames, the worst seems to be in excess of ». There remains the potent question that the stake has an intentional origin. Campo describes: «Why it started out from two details hundreds of meters aside“. The mayor hopes that in Pantelleria, as presently took place in 2016, “it will be mother nature to deal with what transpired. And uncover those accountable for this unworthy act. To you coward or to you cowards I only say that you have absolutely nothing to be human or even animal, you are only living beings who unjustly trample this earth ».

It was issued on the social profiles of the Municipality of Pantelleria yet another update and an charm is produced to any witnesses of the malicious motion: “Just after hours of interventions, with 30 individuals evacuated and who have located accommodation for the night”, we express “solidarity with all those who have experienced problems and shock and have experienced to evacuate from Gadir, blame and infamy for these who did all this. If everyone knows, speak up, due to the fact this havoc is a wound for the complete island ». Amaro commented by Renato Schifani, the middle-ideal candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian location: «It is a unfortunate, reprehensible and recurring scenario that is repeated every single year, to the detriment of citizens, tourists and a wonderful island. Now the precedence is to defeat the emergency, but straight away later on it will be essential to get the job done to improve the kinds of avoidance versus human willful misconduct ».

The investigation

Meanwhile, the General public Prosecutor of Marsala has opened an investigation to determine the causes of the fireplace that devastated hectares of vegetation. At the minute there are no very clear aspects that can create the character of the fireplace. Apart from the identification of the two cause factors, about 400 meters away from each individual other. But this is a reality that could also be suitable with an accidental party. The prosecutors are buying the photogrammetric surveys and all the municipal ordinances on the prevention and management of fires. The photogrammetric surveys will be useful to realize from the burns on the floor the place the fire started and how it may have distribute in thing to consider of the solid sirocco wind that has been blowing on the island considering that yesterday. Although the trade union ordinances will make clear whether or not all the needed actions have been taken to avoid and regulate any fires in an region that in summertime is usually strike by devastating fires due to superior temperatures. “A negligent hearth, brought about by human neglect would not be thought of a lot less major than an intentional a single”, remarks the prosecutor of Marsala, Piscitello.


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