Heartbreaking, Toddlers Locked in Cages and Surrounded by Abandoned Animals Page all

HENRY COUNTY, KOMPAS.com – Police have received a call for alleged animal cruelty on a property.

However, after arriving at the scene, the police were surprised to find not only hundreds of animals displaced, but there is also one toddler locked up.

Toddler locked up in a dog crate and surrounded by animals abandoned animals on Thursday (1/10/2020) in Henry County, Georgia, United States of America ( AS).

Reporting from Mirror, as many as three suspects have been arrested and face multiple articles.

The three suspects are the victim’s mother Heather Scarbough (46), the victim’s stepfather Thomas Jefferson Brown (46), and the victim’s grandfather Charles Brown (62).

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Henry County Sheriff, Monte Belew, said during a press conference on Friday (3/10/2020) that the toddler was found among eight snakes, 56 dogs, 10 rabbits, 86 chickens, one gecko, four parakeets, three cats, one bird. pheasants, three flying possums and 531 rodents.

“In the living room there was a child who was locked up, there were 8 snakes and there was snake food between the children’s cages,” said Belew.

Belew added that it is evident that the child spent most of his life in a cage.

“It is heartbreaking to see the condition of this child. There is nothing for the baby in the whole house outside the cage where he is,” added Belew.

He added that all the toddler’s toys were in the cage with him. In fact, there was no blanket for the toddler.

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“It seems that he spends most of his time in the cage. The smell of ammonia rising when we lift the cage and there are insects under it makes it look like he always lives there,” continued Belew.

Officials described even the kitchen of the house as unusable after thousands of cockroaches and grubs were found.

The entire property is cluttered with rotten food and trash strewn around the courtyard.

“There is trash and food on top of the cage (where the child is being held). And you can tell when a child starving and hungry, and he is hungry, ”continued Belew.

“He has to get out of there, and the animals too,” he added.

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The child is now being cared for by the US Department of Child Services.

Police also found 127 plants marijuana and seventeen firearms on the property.

All three face charges of child abuse, animal cruelty, marijuana production and the production of illegal drug equipment.

Meanwhile, the animals are taken to the veterinarian and handed over to the animal rescue center for rehabilitation.

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