Heart patients need special attention when fasting

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Those with heart disease, especially heart failure, need special attention in fasting, according to the Internal Medicine Specialist from the University of Indonesia, dr. Bonita Effendi, Sp.PD, B.MedSci, M.Epid.

He, who practices at Pondok Indah Hospital – Puri Indah, said in an electronic letter to ANTARA that the reason for this patient with heart failure conditions needs attention is that he must continue to take medication and control the volume of fluids in the body.

“You should consult and check the condition of the heart first, whether the heart condition is well controlled or not,” he said.

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Bonita also reminded the importance of patients doing an evaluation before starting fasting by consulting a cardiologist and treating blood vessel specialist.

“In addition, they are advised to continue to control treatment for heart disease problems,” he said.

Heart disease is very diverse, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart disease due to heart rhythm disorders, heart valve abnormalities, congenital heart defects, or heart failure.

Coronary heart disease is generally associated with dyslipidemia (cholesterol disorders) caused by an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein).

According to Bonita, in this patient the application of a pattern of high-fiber foods, not excessively consuming foods that contain lots of fat or cholesterol and still managing time to keep exercising are important things.

In general, fasting is beneficial for heart health, among others, can reduce calorie intake, including types of fatty foods that are high in LDL/cholesterol or foods that trigger an increase in triglycerides. Examples of high-carbohydrate foods such as rice and flour-based foods.

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Reporter: Lia Wanadriani Santosa
Editor: Maria Rosari Dwi Putri

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