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The association “Herzens Hoffnunge eV” fulfills the dreams of seriously ill or socially disadvantaged children.

Joy and sorrow are literally close together in Wera Röttgering’s life: 30 years ago she ran the club together with a friend who was suffering from cancer “Heart’s Desires eV” was founded and has been fulfilling the wishes of sick children and young people ever since.

Moderation: Jens Wolters “/>

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Moderation: Jens Wolters “/>


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Heart’s desires come true

Marvel at whales in the wild, meet & greet with Arnold Schwarzenegger, vacation at the pony farm or be a princess for once – no matter what you want, Wera Röttgering and her association make it possible and give a little hope.

“I’ve often cried with joy when everything went well.”

Those affected should experience happy hours, she says. And it is important to her to remain in contact with the families after the dream has been fulfilled.

Around 60 volunteers and four full-time employees are in close contact with parents, doctors, therapists and of course the affected children themselves in order to make their heart’s desire come true and thus give them new courage, strength and joy.



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