– Hear the voices of children lying in the ruins – VG

KYIV / OSLO (VG) Almost three months after Russian forces withdrew from the areas around Kyiv, several missiles hit the center of the capital on Sunday morning. Five people are injured, according to police.


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Early today, the people of Kyiv woke up to a series of explosions. Shortly afterwards, smoke rose to the sky in the center.

– I was lying asleep as everything exploded, says a young man with blood running down from his ear.

VG’s reporter in Kyiv, Kyrre Lien, heard three explosions in the morning, with subsequent smoke rising from a residential area in the center of the capital.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko confirms that there have been rocket attacks in the Shevchenkivsky district and that there must be damage. Ambulances and rescue personnel are on site.

On Telegram, Klitschko writes that there are people in the ruins.

– We can hear the voices of children lying in the ruins, says mayor Vitaly Klitschko to VG.

Smoke rises from a building in Kyiv, after several explosions in the capital.

– We lay asleep as we woke up from the explosion. Our whole house shook, and I was very scared. I looked out the window and then I saw smoke. I fear that this may happen again, says Natasha (25) who lives in the apartment block that has been hit.

Ukrainian police sign Twitter that five people are injured after an attack on a block of flats in Shevchenkivskyj.

Outside the apartment block that has been hit, there is a smell of burnt plastic, and a layer of smoke is all over the neighborhood. Firefighters are deploying new water hoses, and rescue workers are searching the ruins.

– We have no choice but to defend our country, our children and our future, Klitschko says.

Several Ukrainians who fled Kyiv when the war broke out have returned to the capital after the Russians withdrew in late March.

The city is full of people who are in cafes, bars and playing chess in the parks, but for many this is probably a reminder that the war is still raging.

ATTACK: Firefighters are working at the scene Sunday morning.

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