Hear the history of the Bünder universe with one click – a QR code makes it possible: A very special cinema – Bünde

(WB / hr) The universe is one of initially twelve monuments in North Rhine-Westphalia that tell their story in short audio clips. Another monument is the Bauernbad in Kirchlengern. This was made possible by the state lottery company Westlotto and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.

Christian Kowalewsky, 1st Chairman of the Universum Friends’ Association, is enthusiastic about the innovation: “I am delighted that our universe can tell its story so vividly with this contactless QR code.” The historical cinema is indeed something very special says Kowalewsky. When films became more and more popular, they were initially shown in the halls of restaurants. But the universe was built exclusively for the showing of films. In 1924, for example, the Bünder Heinrich Lindewirth had the locksmith’s shop next to his house on today’s Hauptstrasse in the Bünde-Ennigloh district demolished and a movie theater built there based on designs by Friedmann & Seher architects from Herford.

With the film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, the “Lichtspielhaus Wittekind” – as it was called at the time – started operations on November 7, 1924. In the following decades, the cinema on the main street enjoyed great popularity. However, after the new Bünder Lichtspiele (Büli) with two cinemas opened in the city center of Bünder directly next to “Woolworth” in 1979, games in Universum ended in 1980. Of the three flourishing cinemas in Bünde (Universum, Capitol and Büli), only the new Büli survived.

Some committed cinema enthusiasts did not want to accept the decay of this unique monument. On December 22nd, 1992, 17 interested parties met at the Bünde Marine Comradeship Exhibition and decided, with significant support from the council and administration of the city of Bünde, to found the Universum Association.

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In the following years the monument was renovated and an annex for gastronomic purposes was added. A considerable amount of funding came from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. On August 21, 2001, the Universum was able to start operations as a new culture and meeting center in Bünde as part of a grand opening gala. Since then it has established itself among other things as a nationwide well-known venue for comedy. Due to the corona, however, numerous appearances had to be canceled and postponed in the past few months. “At the moment, culture is unfortunately silent because there are no events. I’m happy to hear something here and hope that the universe will soon be filled with life again, ”says Dirk Kaiser, director of urban culture.

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