HealthyU: all-in-one smart patient monitoring for telemedicine and wellness

In the context of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas, the Californian startup HD Medical presented HealthyU, a “smart” device for remote monitoring of patients, introduced as a response to difficulties encountered in the areas of telemedicine, cardiac care and well-being during the current pandemic and beyond.

HealthyU is the first device for home use to offer: seven-lead ECG (wireless), heart tone auscultation with murmur analysis, lung auscultation, heart rate, pulse oximetry (SpO2 / blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, heart rate respiratory and blood pressure measurement without cuff.

The medical community is looking for new ways to deliver care and HealthyU is presented as something that packs numerous complex medical devices into a single easy-to-use device allowing patients and healthcare professionals to connect with each other through a simple app and cloud platform to access insights or connect with any video conferencing or screen sharing tool to get remote consulting.

HealthyU, an all-in-one smart patient monitoring device for telemedicine and wellness

Healthcare professionals can hear heart tones and breath sounds live using HD Medical’s smart stethoscope technology, HD Steth, which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2020 for use in electronic stethoscopes, phonocardiographs and electrocardiographs.

Designed for, and made available as a priority to those requiring cardiac monitoring and care, HealthyU is aimed at clinicians, researchers and managers of corporate wellness programs, as well as managers of pilot telemedicine programs under a protocol approved by a independent ethics committee in accordance with FDA regulations.

HealthyU it is currently intended for experimental use and will only go on sale after FDA approval. The Californian startup expects the sale to take place in the US for the third quarter of 2021.

All the news and novelties regarding CES 2021, this year only in digital version, are available from this page.

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