Healthy Living From a Young Age Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Alzheimer’s dementia is a degenerative disease that is often experienced by the elderly.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Alzheimer’s dementia can arise due to genetic factors. However, a person can reduce the risk of getting this disease if he is young to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“In addition to a healthy diet, physical activity such as exercise is very important to do from a young age so that the body becomes fit and the brain is healthy,” said Eva Sabdono, Chair of the Indonesian Alzheimer’s Board of Trustees, in a webinar on Alzheimer’s dementia on Friday (27/5/2022).

However, as one gets older, according to Eva, one must still recognize one’s own body’s abilities when exercising. “The body’s ability to age is of course decreasing, including for digestion and activities. So if you feel dizzy often because of eating fatty meat, reduce it and increase healthy food,” said Eva.

Do not exercise too hard because your joints and body condition are certainly not as strong as when you were young. Alzheimer’s dementia is a degenerative disease that is often experienced by the elderly but can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and spiritual approach.

“There are many risk factors that we can modify and must do from a young age, namely a healthy lifestyle to a spiritual approach,” said neurologist and Professor of FK UNIKA Atma Jaya Prof Dr dr Yuda Turana, SpS (K).

Yuda explained that prevention must be done from a young age, because it will be useless if it is done when entering old age. “Aging cannot be stopped, especially if there are other degenerative diseases. So it is important to take precautions from a young age,” explained Yuda.

Yuda further explained that high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity to unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, lack of sleep and lack of physical activity such as exercise, can trigger Alzheimer’s dementia. Yuda’s spiritual approach then explained the importance of a spiritual approach as one of the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia.

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“When entering old age, many things happen and it is not uncommon for them to disturb the psyche of an elderly person,” said Yuda.

Yuda mentioned that conditions such as losing a loved one to death, retiring so that he no longer has income, having to share the love of a married child, then receiving a lot of sad news from his classmates, are external factors or stressors in themselves. “For those who have had great positions while working, then retired, it can trigger post power syndrome. This is where a spiritual approach is needed so that they can be humble,” explained Yuda.

In this case, Yuda said that spiritual approach is very important to make someone think calmly and positively. Agreeing with Yuda, ALZI Foundation Executive Director Michael Dirk Roelof Maitimoe explained the importance of “healing” or refreshing which serves to “refresh” tired brains and minds so they are not stressed.

“Healing is really important, it doesn’t need to be expensive or far away, the important thing is to be happy and refresh our minds again,” concluded Michael.

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