Healthy Feet: Prevention and Treatment of Calluses, Corns, and Blisters

Summer and desire for sandals! With the arrival of the warm season, the health of the feet back to front. However, it is good to remember that having well-groomed and healthy extremities is essential all year round and not just for a simple aesthetic matter. We often forget their importance. The feet, in fact, in addition to allowing locomotion, guarantee stability in the upright position and absorb a large part of the body weight. What can we do to ensure their well-being? Let’s find out together.

Feet and calluses, what they are and how to prevent them

A much more common disorder than you think are calluses, or thickening of the skin that can form anywhere on the soles of the feet. In most cases they are the consequence of repeated rubs exercised on the affected area. It seems paradoxical, but their “function” is to protect the living cells of the epidermis.

Risk factors the same are the use of tight shoes, the habit of walking barefoot, the prolonged use of heels and wearing shoes without socks. Corns cause discomfort and pain. Furthermore, if of considerable size, they can even compromise posture and walking.

To eliminate them, you need to contact a podiatrist or qualified beauticians. These professionals use products containing substances keratolytics, such as urea, exfoliating agents (salicylic acid) and alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid). At home, calluses can be removed with a specific razor or with the classic pumice stone that smoothes minor skin thickening.

Feet and calluses, an annoying ailment

Erroneously confused with calluses, corns are small masses of thickened and rough yellowish skin, surrounded by a portion of inflamed skin. They appear on the feet, in particular on the plantar area, on the back of the heel, on the tops of the toes and in the interdigital spaces. Calluses cause a sensation of ache e you burning widespread, these symptoms are accentuated in the evening and after a long walk.

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Several le cause:

  • co presence of hallux valgus, flatfoot e hammer toe;
  • weight gain or excessive slimming;
  • use of unlaced shoes;
  • daily use of heels.

Corns are eliminated by manual abrasion, to which keratolytic ointments based on urea and salicylic acid can be associated. Pumice stone and emollient creams, if spread every day, are useful for preventing them.

Feet and blisters, how to fight them

Blisters are round-shaped lesions with a collection of blood, pus, or serum inside. They form under the top layer of the skin on the feet or between it and the dermis. Favorite locations are all those areas most subjected to frictiontherefore plantar area, heels and interdigital spaces.

The cause of their formation is the continuous rubbing that is exerted on a certain portion of the skin. Rubbing causes the serum to come out of the capillaries and accumulate in the classic “bubble”. Between aggravating factors the use of tight or new shoes, intense and prolonged physical exercise, excessive sweating, high temperatures, the use of rough and non-breathable socks appear.

In case of blisters, the first precaution to take is to wash the surrounding area delicately with soap and water. You can then apply a bandaid special. Never break the lesion with a needle and thread. This procedure, as well as traumatic, opens the door to bacterial infections. On the other hand, natural remedies based on are useful aloe veragreen tea, calendula and malaleuca oil.

Tips for healthy feet

To preserve the health of your feet just follow simple but fundamental rules:

  • Choose shoes suitable;
  • Cut the nails in the right way;
  • Moisturize Skin;
  • Exfoliate the cute;
  • Make regular foot baths;
  • Keep your feet up always dry;
  • Use soft socks;
  • Do not use i daily heels.
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