Healthcare chaos. “Overwhelmed with papers, procedures and without personnel”: the disaster at the Health Protection Department that all Calabrians pay

The CSA-Cisal union reveals the executive’s outburst with her colleagues. Words corroborated in the hearing by the recent statements of the dg Francesco Bevere: “Not having had a functioning department is one of the regions of the 11 years of commissioner”

CATANZARO Calabrian healthcare has now become a national topic for weeks. The story of the government commissioners, appointed and resigned, and the management of the Covid emergency, shown in television broadcasts and in newspapers, are only a portion of the problem that most afflicts the Calabrian population. Another big problem is the situation of the regional Health Protection department, which the CSA-Cisal union has dealt with on several occasions, denouncing the organizational neglect with which it has been managed in all these years, depleting the human capital present in the roles of the Region. Calabria. Well, it will be the dramatic moment that everyone is experiencing, but many knots are coming to a head. This is demonstrated by a very recent outburst of the manager of the ‘Authorizations and Accreditations’ sector with his colleagues that it is right that the Calabrians know.

THE RELEASE OF THE “AUTHORIZATION AND ACCREDITATION” SECTOR MANAGER – What the executive Francesca Palumbo affirms is of unprecedented gravity: «The Health Protection Department is in great difficulty, but I think you all know this. In the sector that I have been managing for two months, I am inundated with papers, proceedings and without personnel. But behind those stacked papers and those files thrown on the ground, without anyone noticing, there is part of the health problem … I didn’t choose it: they assigned me ex officio, because I too, if I could, would have stolen from this meat grinder. Now, however, I am here, I am Calabrian and I work every day in the presence and even the nights from home, sacrificing myself and my family. And like me, even those few colleagues who arrived a few months ago: without support, without resources and without any help. We can’t do it alone. ” «I know – continues the manager – that you have officially asked for qualified personnel: I have learned, informally, that whoever has been able has escaped or, worse, is choosing to send those human resources that are considered ‘useless’ to the Department. Well, if this is true, I don’t think anyone who acts like this can consider themselves smart or feel satisfied in thinking that they have made a spite of this or that manager. Just think for a moment that if Healthcare does not work it is also because the Department does not work, that we have come to need the field hospitals and a commissioner to save us from ourselves and that Calabrian pride is not shown with post on Facebook of indignation or judging lonely people in the trenches, comfortably from a desk in smart working. Now it is necessary to put in place the best forces and demonstrate, with facts, that we have Calabrian pride and tell those people in hospitals, in line in ambulances and waiting for a swab at home, that it will no longer be like this and that we will do the best we are capable of. And we think that among those people there may be our loved ones, our friends or ourselves … Because it is too easy to blame the national or regional government, or other entities … If each of us does not concretely contribute now and immediately, then, I am reminded of the refrain of a song by De André that I love very much “as much as you think you are absolved you are forever involved” ». A quote – specifies the trade union – that puts those who have the responsibility, in the Region, of guaranteeing the human resources that allow the decent functioning of the sector in question and of the entire department into the corner.

DG DRINK: “NOT HAVING A FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT IS ONE OF THE REASONS FOR THE 11 YEARS OF COMMISSIONING” – The intervention of the executive follows what was declared by the director general of the department itself, Francesco Bevere, during his hearing on the conversion into law of the new Calabria Decree before the Social Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. The general manager a few days ago, answering the question about why the Calabrian health commissioner has lasted for eleven years formulated by a deputy, said: “the reason, one of the most important reasons, is that it did not have a health department capable of to face, to support, to monitor, to supervise, to verify through the full operation of all the executive sectors of the Department ». In another passage he reinforced the concept: «I found a situation in the department embarrassing, but it is embarrassing – I have the feeling – for many of those who were in the Region with relevant political roles at least ten years before I arrived. Because this situation of the department is one of the reasons, I repeat, around which revolves the inability of the regional health system to gradually assume control, monitoring and planning of services because it has lasted for 11 years, because it has lasted for 11 years “. Very strong and cutting words.

THE COMPLAINT, DRINK: “I HAVE FOUND SECTORS CLOSED FOR MONTHS, INCLUDING AUTHORIZATIONS AND ACCREDITATIONS”– The general manager Francesco Bevere then referred to the condition of the executive sector: «When I arrived I found sectors of the department closed. ‘Authorizations and Accreditations’ sector closed for months. I have restored the ‘Veterinary’ health sector. I started the ‘Hospital Healthcare Building’, I started the ‘Regional Health Information Service’, I dedicated the utmost attention to the ‘Pharmaceutical’ one as well as to an overall reorganization of the department. It is unthinkable that a department that has been a police station for eleven years would go on with a few dozen personnel, almost as if it were an office ».

INTERVENE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND DO NOT LEAVE THE MANAGER ALONE – «The words of the dg Bevere are clear and clear. How was it possible – asks the CSA-Cisal union – that a sector as important as that of ‘Authorizations and Accreditations’ was closed for months? Whose are the responsibilities and who was to be vigilant? Is there anyone who will answer for all this? We appreciate – adds the union – how the manager Palumbo has assumed the courage to represent the framework of her sector in all its tragedy. Finally it seems that someone has decided to expose atavistic problems of collective interest. We hope that the alarm will not go unheeded and that other executives will follow her example and support her. It is clear that resolute and timely action is needed. The same dg Bevere, also during his hearing, announced that another hundred units of staff would be needed to restore normal functionality of the department. Well, act now. The other departments in charge make the most appropriate figures available so that the health problem is solved once and for all. It must not be done to avoid the already many bad figures remedied on national televisions, but for the daily well-being of the Calabrians. We remind you that about 65% of the regional budget passes through this department, the supervision and monitoring of the quantity and quality of the Calabrian healthcare offer and also the control over the accounts that every year costs taxpayers the payment of the maximum rates of regional additional charge to the Irpef and Irap. The other pieces of the regional bureaucratic apparatus cannot ignore it, right now that all of Italy is looking upset at Calabria. The CSA-Cisal union will insist that everything can be brought back to a condition of “ordinariness”, the one that has been lacking in all this time between the penalization of internal professional skills of the Region, abundant use of external consultancy companies and a very high number of uses by other companies of the regional health service. So we can no longer continue and those who have caused these infinite damage stay away as much as possible ».

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