Health: working eight hours a week would be enough, according to a study

par Rino Gallo

Are you used to working hours relentlessly? It’s frankly not a good idea… Max tells you more!

No, you’re not dreaming… According to a study conducted by the British universities of Cambridge and Salford, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, working eight hours a week would be largely in order to have good mental health. The authors also argued that the rise of artificial intelligence could have consequences of up to “a significant shortage of paid work. »

To achieve these results, the researchers attempted to assess the relationship between changes in work schedules, the satisfaction of individuals and their mental health. Thus, among the 70,000 inhabitants of the United Kingdom surveyed between 2009 and 2018, former unemployed or stay-at-home parents who resumed a professional activity of at least eight hours per week experienced a 30% reduction in the risk of developing mental health problems. Mental Health.

However, the study did not prove that this risk continued to decrease by working more than eight hours. It shows that for most of the groups of workers studied, well-being varied little between the lowest category of working hours (1 to 8 hours) and the highest (44 to 48 hours).

According to Daiga Kamerade, a sociologist at the University of Salford in England, interviewed by Vice, the workload is comparable to vitamin C: “We all need a certain dose, but taking more than necessary does not provide any additional health benefit and taking too large amounts may in fact have an adverse effect. » So avoid spending too much time in front of your computer… There are a thousand and one ways to clear your mind!

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