Health. What is contained in the 2022 budget of the Social Security, adopted definitively on Monday

The Parliament definitively adopted this Monday the draft budget for 2022 of Social Security, under the sword of Damocles of a fifth wave of Covid-19. Here are some guidelines that have been taken.

An extension for the hospital

An extension of 1.7 billion euros for health insurance in 2021 was added during the meeting, in particular for the hospital, with the key to salary increases for nursing staff. Even if many elected representatives of the oppositions fear that this is enough to “stop the departures” and “the crisis of vocations”.

Seniors at home later

Another flagship component: that in favor of the elderly with loss of autonomy. This mainly involves promoting home support, with increased funding for assistance services. The devices must scale up, up to 1.3 billion in 2025.

Free contraception from 18 to 25 years old

Contraception will be available free of charge from January 1 to women aged 18 to 25, a measure budgeted annually at 21 million euros. A few million must also be spent on shortening waiting times following the opening of medically assisted procreation (MAP) to all women.

The “shrink” taken care of

Eight sessions with the psychologist may be covered by Health Insurance from the beginning of 2022 for children over three years old and adults suffering from depressive or anxiety disorders, of mild to moderate intensity. The fees for these consultations will be 40 euros for the first debriefing session, 30 euros for the following ones, with no excess fees authorized. The patient must have been referred on medical prescription.

Glasses more easily?

To facilitate access to visual care, orthoptists can prescribe glasses and lenses, without consulting an ophthalmologist. This will be possible for 16-42 year olds with poor vision correction, or some 6 million people. This provision was at the origin of a mobilization of ophthalmos against what they see as a “degradation of the quality of care”.


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