Health: We will provide 100 million doses of the Corona vaccine, which can bear a fraction of the price

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, confirmed that the ministry’s cold chain has the capacity to store 140 million doses of the Corona vaccine, adding that Egypt will provide 100 million doses of vaccinations for different sects of the people.

The Minister of Health and Population said during the press conference held now to announce the plan for the distribution of Corona vaccines, that the reservation of the vaccine will be in the national number with linking the data to a solidarity and dignity database to identify those who are unable or not to disburse the vaccine, and she said: The one who is able will bear a small part of the price of the vaccine, and continued: Doses of the Corona vaccine are available in Aswan, the Red Sea and the New Valley.

The Minister of Health added: There are 27 centers in all governorates to provide Corona vaccines.

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