Health: Towards a drug shortage?

Par Khalil Rachdi on 11/27/2022 at 23:05

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Kiosk360. Some drugs, such as Levothyrox, Minidril or Microgynon, are not found in pharmacies or hospitals. Instead of shortages, the Ministry of Supervision prefers to talk about disruption. Details in this press release from the weekly La Vie Éco.

According to the weekly Ecological life, the drug market is troubled by the absence of some products in pharmacies and hospitals. A shortage? The Ministry of Health and insiders prefer to talk about breaking. Quoted by the newspaper, a pharmacist explains: “It is a question of a temporary shortage of medicines and not a shortage, given that there was a supply afterwards”.

Therefore, various drugs such as Levothyrox, cardiovascular products, hormonal contraceptives such as Minidril or Microgynon are absent from pharmacies. This is also the case, as the weekly observes, of products to treat rhinitis and pharyngitis or even of the flu vaccine. “These are products (…) taken regularly by patients and which cannot be replaced”, explain the pharmacists.

Such is the case with Levothyrox and contraceptives. According to the weekly, this is due to two reasons: “The absence of similar products for some specialties and the higher price when another molecule is taken”.

“This has led to the interruption of treatment for some pathologies, because the missing products have no therapeutic alternatives”, regrets a pharmacist in the columns of the weekly. Indeed, the interruption of the treatment leads to complications for the patient, Ecological life.

Another reason partly explains temporary drug shortages. According to the weekly, some patients do not hesitate to buy several boxes as soon as the pharmacies are stocked to have a safety stock in anticipation of other supply difficulties, to the detriment of patients.

By Khalil Rachdi

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