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Hi DTF! I want to share with you tips on how to take care of your health if you work at a computer. Everything that I will tell you today, I always use in my life!

Everyone already knows that sitting at the computer for a long time is not good for you and has a negative effect on your health, and therefore on your life in general. What would you understand, I earned sores like:

  • stiff neck
  • Painful joints
  • Visual impairment

They really interfere with computer work and interfere with life if you don’t follow them. Below I will tell you how to avoid it or improve your condition if you already have these sores!

It all starts in the morning

Mornings can be the worst or most pleasant time for you, depending on how you spend it.

In order for your morning to be excellent and you were cheerful all day, you need to exercise. I do 3 exercises in the morning:

  • First, I stretch my whole body, do some stretching, breathe deeply, and wake up my muscles.
  • Next, I do exercises for the muscles and joints in my neck, as my neck hurts. But I recommend doing this exercise to everyone.
  • And finally, I do gymnastics according to the exercises of ES Avetisov. This will help keep your eyes in good shape throughout the day and they will be less tired.
  • Posture gymnastics, a flat back looks good and nourishes the brain well with blood (which some people simply lack).

The entire charge takes no more than 20 minutes, and the energy charge remains for the whole day! Below I will attach a video from which I learned how to do exercises.

Warm up for the whole body:


Great channel!


Another movie!

Neck warm-up:


I do it every day!


This will relax your neck well and improve your posture.

Eye exercises

I did it according to a doctor’s prescription, but I found a video for you!


Seems like a good explanation

Posture gymnastics


Great gymnastics and the girl is beautiful 🙂

Move more, don’t sit too long

Quite a simple and understandable thought that everyone tells us, but we somehow forget about it. After all, another skating rink or a little more work can drag on for 1-2 hours. Which will lead to trouble!

Therefore, you need to develop these habits:

  • Get up from the computer every 1 hour for 10 minutes.
  • Of which you spend 5 minutes on your eyes, look into the distance, out the window, do eye exercises. In short, rest your eyes!
  • The second 5 minutes you spend walking. be sure to walk for 5 minutes and do not sit down, you must disperse the blood throughout the body, you can also squat, because the legs are the second heart.

Good evening, good morning

We all like to come home and eat heartily after a good day’s work, but we forget that they’re going to bed soon.

What I do in the evening:

  • I do all the exercises in the morning
  • I try not to eat for 2-3 hours. Since our body will spend energy not on recovery, but on digesting food.
  • It is very important to go out for a walk for at least 30 minutes, the more the better. I usually fire up a game development podcast and go for a walk.
  • Take a hot shower and wash off the sweat for the whole day!
  • And most importantly, go to bed at the same time, with an hour’s autonomy and sleep at least 7-8 hours.


Remember that your health is only for you, and if you don’t follow it from the very beginning, you will have many sores. Please take care of yourself, because we have only ourselves and our loved ones.

Some personal information:

I used to weigh 114kg and now I weigh 76-77kg (weight is constantly jumping) I attached a small photo that I found.

With a weight of 77-76 kg:

Thanks for reading, I love you!

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