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742 donors

The results of the collections of the association of blood donors of Thionville, over the period from 1is March to September 23, looks unusually good. Despite the health crisis, 742 donors have reached out to their neighbors against 552 in 2019.

This semblance of vitality is however disguised behind a cloudy indicator: “This increase of 6% should be put into perspective because we have organized two more collections than in 2019 …”, specifies President Françoise Blottière.

The only reason for satisfaction: “During confinement, we found former donors. Either because they had more time to give us, or because the collection gave them an excuse to go out, ”observes Patrick Isarno, president of the Departmental Union of Blood Donors.

2 %

The generosity index, a benchmark calculated by the EFS based on several data (number of inhabitants, population density, etc.) is 2% in Thionville. “While the national average reaches 4%…”, deplores Françoise Blottière. The reason ? “It’s more complex to mobilize in urban areas than in the countryside”.

– 12 %

The departmental trend is bad. Worrisome, even. During the period March-September, “16,324 bags of blood were collected. In 2019, we counted 18,507 ”, explains Patrick Isarno. This – 12% at the departmental level is consistent with the regional tone: the Grand Est has 10,000 pockets in reserve, i.e. a deficit stock capacity with regard to the comfort threshold established by the EFS (12,000 pockets) : “Normally, we always step up our efforts as the summer period approaches. Or this year during the period of deconfinement… People probably had something else in mind. ”

1 and a half times longer

Blood donations do not escape the rigor of the current health protocol. Distancing, barrier gestures and maximum gauge: so many factors that slow down the act of sampling. Consequence: “With these procedures, collections last one and a half times longer than in ordinary times. From a certain time, the transport of tubes and bags can no longer wait. They must be delivered quickly to Strasbourg or Nancy, which leaves donors on the side of the road. “

Strasbourg, Nancy and… Metz? “No, Metz has lost its status as a blood qualification center. This is what ensures its traceability ”, regrets, to put it mildly, the president of the Moselle donors. “What do you want, it’s pooling, the greater region …”

0 collection

The Covid-19 set aside an audience known for the generosity of its donations: schoolchildren. The association of blood donors Thionville can no longer draw on this pool because of the pandemic: “You should know that with establishments like Charlemagne and La Briquerie, we were sure to create a link with around forty first-time donors ”, emphasizes Françoise Blottière. “The protocol also prohibits us from organizing collections in companies,” adds Patrick Isarno. The shortfall is huge for us. ”

6, rue des Dames-de-Metz

An address to remember: that of the Maison du don, in Metz-Sablon. All you have to do is make an appointment to organize a donation of platelets, another living and vital material for many hospital patients.

Finally, an application (blood donation) to be downloaded on your smartphone compiles the dates and places of the next collections: “The app geolocates your position and shows you the places of collection”.

House of Blood – Tel. : 03 87 69 18 88

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