Health. Shortage of caregivers in Lorraine: Belkhir Belhaddad offers a pact with Luxembourg

In France, 7,500 nursing positions were not filled in July 2020. Despite the revaluation of € 183 per month announced within the framework of the Ségur de la santé, the profession is still not very attractive. According to the national union of nursing professionals , 30% of graduates leave the profession within the first five years. In northern Lorraine, the problem is even more acute. At the start of the second wave of Covid, the general director of the CHR of Metz-Thionville, Marie-Odile Saillard, launched an appeal to request urgent medical reinforcements. In question : proximity to Luxembourg , where the average annual salary of a nurse is € 94,000 gross per year.

“We can not continue like that, reacts the deputy Belhaddad, who has decided to take up the case. The Ségur de la santé has made it possible to increase the salaries of nurses. But we are well aware that this will not be enough to bring back nurses who work in Luxembourg, or to dissuade new graduates from staying to work in France. Today, of the 350 nurses who are trained each year in the training centers of the CHR of Metz-Thionville, 30% immediately go to work in Luxembourg. “

For the member, we must act quickly. “The context is favorable,” he says. Our Luxembourgish friends are perfectly aware of the problem and have indicated to the French government that they are ready to carry out joint projects with us. I also note that since the start of the Covid crisis, in order not to aggravate our difficulties, they have undertaken to suspend all recruitment of non-residents for their health system. “

Three proposals

The deputy Belhaddad makes three proposals. “The first is the establishment of a cross-border cooperation body responsible for estimating the training needs of nursing personnel across our large cross-border region. Each country can no longer do this work on its own. We have to decide together how many nurses to train each year. “Second idea:” Since our nursing training institutes (Ifsi) help train a large part of the medical workforce that Luxembourg needs, I suggest that they step up, by training more caregivers. and by benefiting from Franco-Luxembourg governance, an educational project and funding. “

A compensation fund for wage gaps?

All this will not close the wage gap. From where the third proposal of the deputy: “We could institute a lump sum contribution in discharge of the expenses of training, in the event of recruitment, by Luxembourg, of a practitioner trained in France. The fund thus constituted, in the hands of a public authority to be defined, could be used to pay attractive premiums to nurses or nursing assistants who choose to stay in France. “

These proposals, Belkhir Belhaddad wishes to submit them to elected officials and local actors: “This could very well come within the framework of local experiments which will be possible within the framework of the” 4D law “(decentralization, deconcentration, differentiation and decomplexification, Editor’s note) which should be adopted by the end of the year. But for that to happen, this need for local differentiation must be expressed in a broad and collective manner. “


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