Health pass at work: Erisay Réceptions convinced its employees one by one

All Erisay Réceptions employees were already vaccinated or in the process of being vaccinated, one week before the deadline of August 30 for the obligation of the health pass for establishments open to the public. Almost all of them. “Out of 150 permanent employees, we have two recalcitrant in one of our restaurants, who, to continue coming to work, will do two PCR tests per week”, explains Fréderic Erisay, its president. The family business of Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (Eure) generates 90% of its activity with the catering activity and 10% with its three restaurants.

Adherence to vaccination did not happen overnight. The situation “results from a rather time-consuming educational operation”, indicates Frédéric Erisay. The owner of an SME is himself an activist for the vaccine, and decided to receive, one by one, the employees who were hesitant to be vaccinated or who were not yet informed of the regulations.

Resumption of marriages

“It is easier to achieve in a family business where the manager greets everyone every morning than in a business with a pyramid scheme”, estimates the person concerned. He could also have to communicate again on the subject, having learned that the obligation will undoubtedly not target all his employees, in particular the cooks who do not have direct contact with the public.

It was essential to be able to count on the staff at the time of the restart.

Frédéric Erisay Patron of Erisay Receptions

It is all the more necessary to count on its troops that the activity is well resumed. The business manager believes he sees a “stir” in the professional market with requests for quotes for seminars and welcomes the restart of marriages. He signed 400 marriages for the period alone between 1is June and October 15, compared to 600 per year in a normal year.

“We respond to all customers, including those whose providers have failed,” he says. And “if we can meet the demand, it’s because our entire team is there. It was essential to be able to count on the staff at the time of the restart, ”he argues.

At the height of the crisis, Erisay Réceptions even supplemented the salaries of its employees in partial employment so that they could receive 100% of their remuneration, instead of the 86% planned. And when, at the beginning of 2021, he asked his teams to take their leave between March and June, and not during the summer, a good period for weddings, everyone followed him. So, no question of being disorganized by the obligation of health pass.

Contrary to what his financial partners were advising him, Frédéric Erisay had refused to restructure the company in 2020, despite a 70% drop in turnover, to 6 million euros, against 19 million in 2019.


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