Health Office Immunization Plans Conditions for studying at school

ACEH BAND – The East Aceh (Dinkes) District Health Office plans to request immunization certificates for children attending school, especially elementary schools.

“Our problem in the field today is that many people do not allow their children to be immunized. There are even parents who do not immunize their children because they doubt the vaccine halness,” said the head of vaccination at East Aceh Health. Service, Era Zarnila in East Aceh, Friday (9/23), as quoted by Between.

Indeed, Era Zarnila said, vaccines given to children must have gone through all procedures. Including halal-guaranteed vaccines,

According to Era Zarnila, children who have not received full vaccinations or have never received vaccinations from birth are susceptible to disease.

He explained that immunization boosts immunity and, if not immunized, can cause children to easily contract dangerous diseases because there is no immunity to disease.

“As of now, we are treating 242 children in Eastern Aceh who have clinical symptoms of rubella, measles and four of them have been confirmed. This is because there is no immunization,” Era Zarnila said.

With this case, he said, the East Aceh Health Service has made various efforts, such as raising public awareness of diseases that can be prevented with immunization.

Then, follow the incidence of measles cases by conducting epidemiological investigations, taking samples for confirmation to establish a case diagnosis, as well as immunizing against rubella measles.

“To achieve measles immunization in Aceh itself, it is still low, only 19.4 percent or 23,804 children have received vaccinations,” Era Zarnila said.

The trend of comprehensive basic immunization (IDL) coverage in Aceh province over the past five years has continued to decline, according to data from the Aceh Provincial Health Bureau.

In 2017, the coverage trend of IDL Aceh was 59.7%, 2018 by 58%, 2019 by 48.9%, 2020 by 42.7% and 2021 by 38.4%.

Meanwhile, the national average for Aceh’s IDL coverage is also the lowest with 11.8% of the national 54.6% target.

The Aceh Health Office data, out of a total of 6,507 villages in Aceh, for the coverage of Universal Child Immunization (UCI) only 24.9% have complete vaccinations. Or three quarters of the total children and cabin in the province.

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