Health insurtech Rey provides insurance subscriptions starting from IDR 69,000 per month

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Reporter: Adriano Octaviano | Editor: Herlina Kartika Dewi

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The technology-based insurance industry or often known as insurtech is back with a new player, Rey, who focuses on the Health Insurtech sector. Rey provides insurance subscriptions with prices starting from IDR 69,000 per month.

Rey offers insurance products and health services that are packaged in a subscription-based membership program. This pattern is similar to that of online movie and song streaming services that aim to simplify the insurance experience.

“Many of the pain points that we see in the life and health insurance industry in Indonesia are deep-rooted so that Rey’s approach is not just digitizing part of a long-standing process but redesigning how health, life and critical illness insurance should be offered in Indonesia. “said Evan Tanotogono as CEO & Co-Founder Rey in his official statement, Sunday (12/9).

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Evan added, another problem that has become an opportunity for health insurtech companies, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, is how to handle health. He sees people starting to realize the importance of having protection through insurance, efforts to live a healthier life, to awareness to use technology in the health sector.

“Rey provides full access for members to access health services, such as self-diagnostics based on Artificial Intelligence, doctor teleconsultation services, and ordering and delivery of prescription drugs, to visits to doctors at partner clinics on a cashless basis with an application. Rey,” added Evan.

Currently, there are 3 subscription packages offered by Rey, namely Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic is the cheapest with a subscription price of Rp. 69,000/month or Rp. 621,000/year and includes Artificial Intelligence-based health examination services, unlimited teleconsultation with general practitioners, free prescriptions from doctors 3x/year, as well as free offline general practitioner examinations 50x/year. year.

Meanwhile, the Standard package is priced at Rp. 89,000/month or Rp. 801,000/year and Premium at Rp. 99,000/month or Rp.891 thousand/year. In these two plans, the benefits of prescribing drugs increase to 25x/year. Meanwhile, for the Premium package, there is an additional life insurance protection benefit of Rp. 25 million.

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