Health insurance can cost more than double depending on age and place of residence

The Health insurance, generally, they are more expensive in the older population, but they can also reach cost more than double depending on the area in which you reside, as in the provinces of Zamora and Burgos or in the autonomous city of Ceuta, according to data from the Rastreator comparator.

Health has become one of the priorities for Spaniards after the pandemic of the covid and this can be seen in the increase in searches for products related to health care, such as health insurance, explains the portal.

However, for many Spaniards – specifically for 78% – the price of health insurance is excessive and more than half (56%) say they would hire one if it were cheaper.

In 2020 the sixth grade contracted for health insurance reached 862 euros, but criteria such as the age or place of residence of the insured can even triple this cost.

The data is derived from a Rastreator health insurance price index, which highlights that it is women who most opt ​​for private health insurance (45%) compared to men (35%), which places it among one of the most demanded insurances behind auto, home and death respectively.

Among the most determining criteria on the part of the insurers When setting a premium on health insurance, the age group of the insured is found. The comparator data show a variation of up to 1,400 euros more on average per year between the oldest and the youngest. But those big differences in premiums are not only appreciated when compared to younger policyholders.

In fact, those older than 65 years They pay up to 186% more for their health insurance, 1,214 euros more, than the 40-year-old insured, although the sector tries to offer specific value-added products for the older population segment, focusing on coverage such as geriatrics, medical tests or check-ups.

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Depending on each province, insurers set a price since the costs of health services may be different. So much so that, with the same data from the study, the price can more than double and entail an increase of up to 690 euros per year between the most expensive province and the cheapest.

Zamora is the province with the highest average premium, with an average annual price of 1,357 euros a year, followed by the autonomous city of Ceuta, 1,343 euros a year, Burgos, 1,238 euros a year, Almería, 1,040 euros a year and Ávila, 1,015 euros per year. On the opposite side, Cáceres, with an average price of 667 euros, Huesca, 667 euros, and Lugo, 676 euros, lead the list of the cheapest provinces when it comes to taking out health insurance.


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