Health Insurance and CROUS are committed to the health of students in the region

The CROUS and the 8 CPAMs in the region have signed an agreement to help students

Credit: CPAM of Côte-d’Or

The 8 primary health insurance funds and the Regional Center for University and School Works (Crous) Bourgogne-Franche-Comté signed a partnership agreement on November 26 to support students in the region in their efforts to access health and prevention.

This signing took place in Dijon in the premises of the CPAM of Côte-d’Or, in the presence of the directors of each CPAM in the region and of the general director of Crous Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

It reflects the reciprocal commitments of the Health Insurance and CROUS to promote access to rights for students, including international students, to act on the difficulties of access to care or the foregoing of care and to strengthen information and support. health support for students.

Student health as a shared concern

According to the National Observatory of Student Life – Repères 2020, students have a representation of their state of health that is generally positive. But this judgment varies according to the age, sex, nationality or profession of the parents. International students and students of low social background report their health in good or very good proportion less often.

A third of students say they have given up medical examinations or treatment at least once in the last 12 months for financial reasons (17% have given up seeing a specialist, 16% a general practitioner or dentist and 11% of female students a gynecologist). Regardless of the type of care, young women forgo it more often than young men and financial reasons are not the only ones mentioned (such as lack of time or waiting too long to get an appointment). It should also be remembered that nearly one in three students (31%) showed signs of psychological distress during confinement in 2020.

For all these reasons, student health is a shared public health issue.

  • Strengthen health information for all students

The Health Insurance and the CROUS are committed to strengthening and developing health information for students, by providing them with advice on the health system, the right reflexes to adopt (create an ameli account, etc.) or by giving them advice. offering prevention actions dedicated to young people. Campaigns and messages will thus be regularly broadcast on partner media or during campus events in the context of student life.

The multiservice reception office (BAM), set up by the CROUS on university sites in the region, is a tool at the service of this approach. It brings together, in a single window, all the organizations and institutions in the territory with which students must complete formalities at the start of the academic year. This device, temporary and operating on a “peer-to-peer” mode of communication, allows students to take steps directly with various organizations, including the CPAM, and offers specific support to international students.

  • Helping students who need it

The social service of the Crous Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is mobilized to face the psychological and financial difficulties of comprehensive support for students. Several levels of difficulties such as access to rights, the lack of resources linked to the loss of student jobs, loneliness and dropping out are regularly identified by this service.

The Crous social service is an essential interlocutor for students who acts in concert with territorial partners such as the CPAMs. Thus, students in difficulty and who need support – to find an attending physician or to take a health approach, for example – can be referred directly to a health support advisor from their CPAM by the CROUS.

Certain Crous employees (reception agents, residential facilitators, social service, etc.) will be trained to do this by the regional CPAMs in order to be able to overcome the waiver of student care and inform them in a facilitating process. and proximity. Specific and secure exchange circuits will allow the CROUS and CPAM teams to discuss and collaborate on the management of specific situations.

It should be noted that international students, identified as a public in great difficulty both in terms of studies and in material terms, are thus supported in their specific registration process with Health Insurance when they arrive in France.

Evidence reaffirmed with the health crisis

Since 2019 and the resumption of the special student social security scheme by the general scheme, the Health Insurance has implemented a health support strategy specific to young people.

For its part, the Crous Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, operator of student life in the State, is carrying out actions aimed at improving the living and study conditions of students, promoting their development and facilitating their path to university. autonomy and employment. It carries out its public service missions alongside all the students of the region in a strong dynamic of networking of the territory.

Beyond the actions carried out in the context of campus life, it has thus strengthened its support for students throughout the health crisis by supporting them through close monitoring and actions carried out with partners (CPAM, ARS, university health services, etc.) around, in particular, the prevention and reduction of health and mental health risks.

The signing of this agreement at the regional level formalizes the collaboration between the CPAM and the Crous Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the sharing of their expertise to meet the specific needs of students, an approach that has been widely tested, particularly during the health crisis.


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