Health experts warn of potential danger posed by mummies.

NoOne of the most familiar of all three is mummies, the ancient method of preservation of dead bodies by the Egyptians. Dead bodies that have been preserved with various chemicals are called mummies. In the past, dead bodies were buried in this way because of the belief that there is a second life beyond death. Buried in mineral-rich soil, these dead bodies sit safely underground for ages without decaying. Many mummies buried like this have been found from different parts of the world.

All these are usually kept in museums and allowed to be seen by visitors. But the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico warns that such mummy visits are dangerous. The researchers who conducted the study warn that such visits may invite health risks. According to the Daily Star, the researchers believe that the exhibits are dangerous for visitors due to fungal growth on the mummies.

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Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History made the statement after disapproving of the state government’s decision to display six mummies in a glass casing at a tourism fair in Mexico City. The researchers concluded that it is more worrying that the glass cases are displayed without educating or protecting the public against the potential health risks unless they can be ensured to be airtight. The researchers considered the fungal growth on the mummies to be evidence of air circulation in the glass cases. Therefore, the institute also requested a careful study of the mummies before inviting major accidents.

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