Health crisis and social crisis –

Angela Merkel predicts a “difficult” winter. That is correct in several ways.

“The winter will be difficult,” warns the Chancellor. The otherwise factual Angela Merkel tends to send dramatic messages during the pandemic. Who will winter be difficult for? For hosts who have invested in order to meet hygiene requirements and now have to worry. For travel agencies without customers, airlines without flights, theaters with no fixtures.

Everyone looks at these industries. But the social catastrophe that is looming is even greater. Because short-time work benefits are tight if the crisis does not want to end; because rents may be deferred but not waived; because loans need to be serviced, in good times and bad; because the termination threatens.

The care of the state is required

This not only puts a strain on the psyche, but is an existential problem. Indication: More and more citizens are seeking advice from consumer advice centers. However, this winter will be particularly difficult because the virus is a direct threat to human life.

Therefore, in view of the extremely increasing number of cases, this “small lockdown”, which is so real, must work and the state must not let up in mitigating the consequences, even if it is expensive. Because people without perspective do not take part in any measures. They then have other worries.


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