Health Benefits of Using Lemon Peel


JAKARTA – Lemon is very similar to citrus fruit, even many people find it difficult to tell the difference. This fruit is also commonly found and widely consumed throughout the world.

Lemon pulp is certainly the part that is often consumed, apart from lemon juice which can also be enjoyed, but the peel is more often removed because it is considered useless. However, a study has found that lemon peels contain high levels of flavonoid compounds called polimethoxylated flavones (PMFs). Compared to the edible part of the fruit, lemon zest is slightly more helpful.

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Other studies have also shown that lemon peel has amazing antioxidant properties. Reporting from the page Boldsky, here are a few health benefits if you eat lemon zest.

1. Improve Heart Health
Lemon peels contain flavonoids, vitamin C and pectin, which are a type of soluble fiber that can reduce the risk of heart disease. Please note, pectin can help lower LDL cholesterol (bad) and increase HDL cholesterol (good).

2. Help Lose Weight
The pectin content in lemon peel is also known to reduce weight and slow down fat accumulation in the body. Pectin functions to absorb water and form a thick mass, then travels through the stomach and small intestine that is not digested.

3. Improve Bone Health
Lemon peels also contain a good amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins. All of these essential nutrients can help prevent osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bone problems.

4. Fight Cancer
Lemon peel also has anticancer properties due to the presence of flavonoids and vitamin C which can reduce the risk of several types of cancer. Meanwhile, vitamin C functions to increase the production of white blood cells, and helps eliminate mutated cancer cells.

5. Supports Oral Health
Lemon peel also contains antibacterial properties which have the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

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6. Good for the Digestive System
The fiber content in lemon peel is known to keep the digestive tract running properly and helps reduce stomach inflammation.

7. Reducing Blood Pressure
According to a researchThe presence of essential compounds in lemon peel is believed to reduce high blood pressure. Meanwhile, to eat it you can add lemon zest to baked goods or add it to salads. You can also grate the lemon zest and sprinkle it over the soup.



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