Health Benefits of Mulberries: Inhibition of Inflammation, Reduced Cholesterol, and Improved Blood Vessel Function

Inhibition of inflammation, reduction of blood cholesterol… Improvement of symptoms of hyperlipidemia and narrowing of blood vessels

Mulberry, the fruit of the mulberry tree, is in season these days and has excellent antioxidant effects that reduce damage to the body. [사진=국립농업과학원]

Mulberry, the fruit of the mulberry tree, is an early summer fruit that begins to ripen in late May and is harvested over 2 to 3 weeks until mid-June. It is a representative black food with a brilliant black color when fully ripe, and contains many nutrients. Let’s learn about mulberries, which are in season these days.

◆ More anthocyanins than black beans and grapes… Slows aging and contributes to eye health

The deep purple-black color of mulberries, like blueberries and grapes, is due to the anthocyanin component. It has various physiologically active functions such as inhibiting aging and contributing to eye health. In particular, the anthocyanin pigment (C3G) of mulberry is known to have the strongest antioxidant activity among anthocyanins (National Institute of Agricultural Sciences). Odie has more C3G than black rice, black beans, and grapes, so the health effect is very high.

◆ Which ingredient helps to control blood sugar?

The nutritional content of mulberry is generally higher than that of ordinary fruits, and the content of calcium, potassium, vitamin B1, and vitamin C is higher than that of apples, pears, grapes, and tangerines. It also has high iron and zinc content, which helps prevent anemia, maintain immune function, and heal wounds. In addition, ‘1-deoxynojirimycin’ (1-DNJ), which is helpful in blood sugar control, is excellent in preventing and controlling diabetes.

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◆ Rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are good for blood pressure control and blood vessels

The rutin component of mulberry is a kind of flavonoid and was first isolated from buckwheat. It improves capillaries and contributes to blood pressure control. Mulberry seeds contain a lot of oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are unsaturated fatty acids that are good for blood and blood vessels. In particular, linoleic acid, an important component of biofilms, plays a role in lowering blood cholesterol. Mulberry seeds also contain vitamin E, which helps with antioxidants.

◆ Inhibition of inflammation and reduction of total cholesterol in the blood

The resveratrol component of mulberry is higher than that of grapes, so it has the function of suppressing the accumulation of neutral fat in the body and preventing the formation of blood clots. It also helps with anti-cancer effects and improves skin elasticity. According to a paper published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Food and Nutritional Science, mulberry extract showed improvement in symptoms of hyperlipidemia (dyslipidemia) and narrowing of blood vessels by suppressing inflammation and reducing total cholesterol in the blood.

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