Healing Your Heart with Bright: Pao Win Wash Presents a Grand Opening Event

Healing Your Heart with Bright: Pao Win Wash Presents a Grand Opening Event

Gone with the work “Heal your heart with Bright… Wash with Pao Winwash” Organized by Pao Win Wash concentrated laundry detergent under the concept “Got hit hard by Winwatch. … No matter how hard you’ve been hit, Pao Winwatch will bring “Bright-Vachirawit Chiwaaree” the hottest presenter to “heal your heart” for everyone.” led by Mr. Thanasak Phoriyaphrom Laundry Product Group Manager, Lion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. To emphasize being a helper in taking care of the cleanliness of the user’s clothes. With the real Pao Win Wash laundry product!! Eliminate heavy, “sticky, tight, and chewy” stains with the power of Stain Fighter Advanced Booster, ready to WIN every stain…upgrade the fragrance for 30 days, held in the form of a grand opening event in the heart of Bangkok at Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center.

In this event, Pao Winwatch gave the opportunity to 20 Lucky Fans who were lucky winners from Activity to submit receipts for purchasing Pao Winwatch products for a chance to receive exclusive seats for attending the event, chance to receive a special gift given by Bright, and to take a group shot with Bright and Participate in activities on stage In addition, there is also an opportunity for fans who come to attend activities at the event by voting to guess “Pao Win Wash, the favorite scent that Bright uses to heal the heart” to get the right to take a group shot with Bright. There is also the launch of ‘BRIGHT WIN WASH’ Exclusive Premium Set that comes with a Mini Acrylic Standee, available online in only 300 sets for fans to purchase and collect.

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Throughout the said event there were Mr. Gotchi-Tatchakorn Boonlaphayanan and Mr. Leo Sossay, famous MCs who came to help create color, fun, and join in proving the power of “Winning heavy stains, upgrading fragrance for 30 days” of Pao Win Wash along with the participants. Everyone’s work Under an atmosphere of fun that creates happiness and smiles Heal the hearts of all Khun Bright’s fans and Pao Winwash Liquid fans.

Follow the developments of Pao Win Wash laundry products and more details at www.facebook.com/PaoSociety or www.paosociety.com

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